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Kate Rademacher grew up outside of Boston and now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her family. 

In her debut memoir, Following the Red Bird, Kate describes how she came to embrace a relationship with God after maintaining a pick-and-choose approach to spirituality for many years. Raised in a staunchly secular community, Christianity was never a path she had seriously considered. Married to a devout Buddhist, Kate was sitting on a cushion at her husband’s meditation center one day when Jesus appeared unexpectedly in her consciousness and called her to follow him. She was baptized a year later to the day.

In the book, Kate describes how she slowly began to understand what it means to be a Christian in the first year after her conversion. This includes how she learned the basics of prayer, reading scripture, and observing the Sabbath; how she came to view her professional work in public health as a vocational calling; and how she negotiated a painful period in her marriage as she and her husband decided whether to have another child. Throughout her story, Kate's honest, authentic narrative will engage and challenge readers to reexamine their own assumptions about faith and about how to listen for and respond to God’s call.

Upcoming work

Kate’s second book, Their Faces Shone: Lessons on Loving and Letting Go will be released in the summer of 2020.


photograph by Steffanie Lafors, 2017