Seeking Sabbath: Crankiness and Delight

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During a workshop I recently attended on the topic of Sabbath, the speaker advised the participants that—in order to overcome the typical scheduling challenges associated with setting aside a full day without work or chores—we should instead find small, manageable chunks of time throughout the week for mini-Sabbath moments. Listening to this, I was surprised to feel my body flare with anger. “A full day of rest is God’s gift to us!” I was tempted to shout out at him. “I want it to be a discipline, not a self-care strategy that we employ in convenient chunks!”

I admit that I am a wee bit intense about the Sabbath. I am a new Christian, a still-recent convert. I was baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal church five years ago when I was in my mid-thirties. Since then, I have been surprised—flummoxed actually—to learn that many Christians don’t have a dedicated Sabbath practice. I was naïve about this; I assumed that most Christians observe the Sabbath. So I felt cranky during the workshop because the pastor’s advice felt like another example of how the Sabbath is treated as something optional that we can work into our pick-and-choose lives (or not) in ways that are convenient to us.

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Kate Rademacher