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This is a space to enjoy thought-provoking, life-affirming discussions about the intersection of faith and the world. The blog provides opportunities to challenge and support one another, while keeping our sense of humor and sense of wonder at the same time. We invite discussion and reflection among believers, semi-believers, and curious non-believers. You can read the blog here

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I am married to a devout Buddhist, was raised Unitarian Universalist, and was baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal Church at the age thirty-four. As a recent convert to Christianity, I find myself at the (sometimes uncomfortable) intersection of the “secular world” and the faith-based life. I hope this blog can serve as a type of bridge between the two as I explore the why and how of Christianity. I welcome your comments and hope you will join the exchange. I post blogs on a regular basis, and also welcome guest bloggers. You can contact me here

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