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"All religions, it seems, come down to dealing with the problem of self. The pesky self-grasping, self-preoccupied, self-aggrandizing, self-loathing, self-in-control, self-conscious, self-determined, self-concerned obsession that permeates our lives. As a Buddhist, my husband sees this as the source of all delusion and suffering. As a Christian, I see it as the source of our alienation from God." 
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"My father commented that the spiritual life is like visiting the Louvre, the famous Parisian museum. The image captured my imagination. In the year after my baptism, each spiritual insight felt delightful and astonishing. Forgiveness! Salvation! Humility! Servanthood! On and on—the lessons were innumerable, each holding enormous complexity and depth. One could spend years dwelling on each and still not finish mining their delicate richness." Read more here


"One of these unanticipated twists was that I'd begun writing about my spiritual journey with a startling and voracious gusto. The growing sense of identity as a 'Christian writer' had nothing to do with commercial success. I hadn’t even had anything published yet. I just knew in that moment, it was simply, truthfully, becoming a part of me."
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Sabbath Discipline

"By joining the church, I assumed I would have companions and support for my Sabbath observance." Published by author J. Dana Trent. Read more here


A Theology of Gratitude: Reflections of a Recent Convert

"One of the biggest surprises in the conversion journey has been the realization that my entire relationship to gratitude has changed." Published by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Read more here


Christian-Buddhist Double Header:

“Mommy, do you think I’m more of a Buddhist Christian or a Christian Buddhist?” Read more here


Upcoming work

Following the Red Bird is Kate's debut memoir. Kate is currently working on her second book
about her experience as a foster parent.