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Coming June 2017

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Following The Red Bird

Following the Red Bird is the story of how a liberal, secular skeptic ends up loving God with her whole heart. Part memoir and part meditation on Christian teachings, Following the Red Bird explores not only the why of Christianity but the how.


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Coming June 2017
from Light Messages Publishing


"In Following the Red Bird, Kate Rademacher traces the steps of her journey into Christianity with suspense, grace, and power.  She describes with unfailing honesty and integrity how she experienced God calling her into a relationship with Jesus, to baptism, and to a life of Christian discipline and practice. As we follow her riveting and joyful story, she inspires us to discern how God might be calling us, too."
-The Rev. Liz Dowling-Sendor, co-author of Wide Open Spaces: Women Exploring Call Through Stories and Reflections

"Kate Rademacher's debut book is a refreshing take on why spiritualityparticularly the Christian traditionmatters. Kate leads the reader on a rare journey of listening for God's voice amid a busy world that overwhelms us with its buffet of choice. Her poignant prose helps us understand the significance of the spiritual path for our lives."
- J. Dana Trent, author of Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk

Other writing on faith by Kate Rademacher:


"By joining the church, I assumed I would have companions and support for my Sabbath observance."

A Theology of Gratitude: Reflections of a Recent Convert

"One of the biggest surprises in the conversion journey has been the realization that my entire relationship to gratitude has changed."

Christian-Buddhist Double Header:

“Mommy, do you think I’m more of a Buddhist Christian or a Christian Buddhist?”

Following the Red Bird is Kate Rademacher's debut memoir

Following the Red Bird is Kate Rademacher's debut memoir