A Sabbath Retreat…But Where?

Originally posted as a guest blog on author J. Dana Trent’s site. You read the full blog here


  After being honored to get a sneak peak of Dana Trent’s forthcoming book, For Sabbath’s Sake, I was inspired by her reflections on various approaches to observing the sabbath. In particular, I was struck by a practice that Vanna Fox, senior vice president of the Wild Goose Festival, maintains. Each month, Vanna sets aside time for a sabbath retreat. No talking, no other people. Just an extended time for quiet, reflection, rest, and solitude. I loved the idea when I read Dana’s description, and for the past three months, I’ve taken a 36-hour sabbath retreat.  

Before I started, I told a friend about my plan. She was enthusiastic and— I could hear in her voice— a bit envious. “I love the idea,” she said. “But where are you going to do it?” I was surprised by her “where” question. Of all the challenges, the where seems the least daunting to me. It’s the how and the when that get me. How am I going to negotiate time away from my family…without feeling guilty? When am I going to squeeze something else into the schedule?

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Kate R